New Xbox Controller Confirms Xbox Series S

(Image credit: zakk_exe)

Earlier this week, a Twitter user who goes by zakk_exe posted what appeared to be a new Xbox controller. After examining the packaging, he quickly discovered the controller was designed for a new, not-yet-released Xbox console.

The controller was purchased through Offer Up for just $35. When asked, the seller casually stated he acquired the controller "from a homie", leaving an open question about the true source of this hardware leak.

The new controller features a solid white color scheme. While Microsoft had already announced the new device, similar in size and design to the current Xbox One controller but with a redesigned directional pad and share button, it had not yet shown it in white.

(Image credit: zakk_exe)

The box contains a list of compatible consoles, one of which is the Xbox One. However, it also includes "Xbox Series X|S". This may imply the development of two models, both the X and S edition.

Microsoft hasn't yet officially announced the Xbox Series S, reportedly codenamed Lockhart, which is rumored to be a cheaper, less powerful system than the Xbox Series X coming later this year. We don't know yet when this will be released or how much it will cost, but it can't be too far away if people are already buying the controller.

You can check out the full original post on Twitter.

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