Windows 10 Anniversary Update Coming To Xbox One Preview Members In Late May, Early June

At Microsoft Build, the company announced its Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Obviously, the Xbox division will also participate in the update as it will introduce various features such as a single, unified storefront across all Windows devices, including the Xbox One, as well as bringing Cortana to the console. All of this arrives at some point in the summer, but those in the Xbox One Preview Program will get a sneak peek at all of the new features as early as the end of May.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Mike Ybarra, Xbox’s director of program management. Aside from the informal announcement, Ybarra wrote that the Anniversary Update would also include “key gaming features,” but he was mum on additional details.

Although the preview date is set, there are more details to hash out between now and May. Ybarra said that the team is still figuring out how to roll out the preview version to users. On top of that, there are additional updates coming to Preview members before the Anniversary update.

It seems, then, that the Xbox team will have its hands full over the next few months. The last major update for the Xbox One was back in November with the New Xbox One Experience, which included, among other things, a new UI and backwards compatibility. It’s not clear yet as to how the Anniversary Update compares to last November’s additions, but we’re bound to find out more in the upcoming weeks.

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  • photonboy
    The STORE is absolutely horrible though. Hundreds of horrible, horrible programs with only a few gems.
  • hixbot
    No news on background music support for Xbox One, a feature that was included with the OG Xbox and Xbox 360 at launch but still not supported on Xbox one. This is the most voted-for request on Xbox User Voice.
  • captaincharisma
    so MS is turning the XBOX ONE into a Chromebook grade PC running windows. at this point MS should just release a windows 10 update for PC's to support XBOX 360 and XBOX one games with any optical drive or just sell a specialized one
  • I hope they'll fix their horrible interface. Browsing the settings is a pain, and it always has that short lag when summoning the side bar.
    I also hope they'll allow us to select any language with any region. As of now, I'm not allowed to set my Xbox to English without switching my region.

    MS really dropped the ball with the Xbox One. Hard.
  • Strythe
    Maybe they'll get rid of the touch-screen style interface and introduce something more couch-based controller friendly, a la Steam Big Picture perhaps. I expect they'll mandate Kinect before they'd even consider improving the experience though. Afterall, M$ is known for telling you what they think you want rather than listening to what you actually want.