Microsoft Announces Xbox Wireless Program For PCs

At this year’s Gamescom, Microsoft once again made steps to improve its footing in the PC gaming front. This time, however, the focus was on peripherals, specifically on wireless connections. Microsoft believes that it can reduce the number of wired peripherals to your PC with its plan to integrate its Xbox Wireless connection directly to your computer.

With Xbox Wireless, Microsoft said that you can connect up to eight devices at once with low latency, not to mention that you can use the same devices on your Xbox One and PC. Obviously, this reduces the need for wires or wireless adapters for each device. One such example is with wireless gaming headsets. If you connect through Xbox Wireless, you’ll get stereo quality sound. Then again, if you prefer surround sound, you might have to opt for a dedicated wired connection to your PC.

Microsoft's first attempt at Xbox Wireless integration is with Lenovo, specifically on the IdeaCentre Y710 Cube. On this PC, Microsoft placed the Xbox Wireless module directly onto the chassis. In the future, the company plans to place it directly onto the motherboard, once it negotiates with its hardware partners.

In a way, the reveal of Xbox Wireless was inevitable. Along with the release of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller last year, the company came out with the Xbox Wireless Adapter, which you can still purchase if your current PC doesn’t have Xbox Wireless integration. Most recently, there’s the controller for the Xbox One S, which comes with a Bluetooth connection so that it can connect directly to your PC without an adapter.

Xbox Wireless won’t connect just with Microsoft devices. The company already has a small group of companies lined up to support the connection including HyperX, Astro, PDP, SteelSeries, Razer, Lenovo and Turtle Beach. One of the first peripherals with Xbox Wireless is the Rock Band Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller from PDP. You can find get the guitar as a part of Rock Band Rivals Band Kit, which will cost you $199.99.

  • wifiburger
    lol who ever believes that junk PR from Microsoft is truly delusional,
    nothing will come out of this announcement / product,
  • Khimera2000
    8 connections... if from one dongle I can see that being useful.
  • braneman
    Well its Microsoft, who is willing to bet that it'll be locked down to only work with things you have to buy through them? After all the Xbox One didn't originally play used games, what makes you think they've learned and Xbox Wireless won't just be a licensing paycheck for them?
  • Zapin
    Actually the Xbox One would have been a better product if they did not change their minds on the DRM after the backlash. The original concept had the ability to share your purchases with friends and family and a way of selling your used titles (at a small cost to change owners). Stats are already showing that less people are buying physical media anyway so the point is moot now.

    Console technology falls behind the times too quickly so it is great that PC gaming is being so earnestly encouraged by MS. I agree that UWP does suck compared to proper win32 releases via Steam or GOG but with crossbuy/crossplay I am more likely to buy a game on the Xbox knowing that I could also play it on my PC if I choose for no extra cost.