Take A Look At The New HQ In 'XCOM 2'

The aliens are back in XCOM 2, and this time they successfully invaded Earth and placed humanity under its regime. However, there is a small resistance brewing, and after being rescued from alien capture, you're back in the commander's seat to lead the next generation of XCOM. The latest trailer for the game didn't focus on combat, but rather the management aspects of the game.

New Home

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the main base was built underground, with room to expand for additional power generators, research labs and satellite uplinks. That type of luxury isn't affordable, so your headquarters is the Avenger, a run-down alien transport ship that's been repurposed and contains enough room to expand the growing resistance.

As always, the main pillars of power, science and engineering remain, but with a few upgrades. Soldiers now have more access to genetic enhancements with the Advanced Warfare Center that should help when combating the advanced alien race. For R&D, there's the Proving Ground room, which deals in many experimental weapons that have potential in the battlefield, but have yet to be tested in live combat. Fortunately, there are soldiers to test it out.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Speaking of which, the method of training for each soldier has also changed from Enemy Unknown. In the past, soldiers were assigned a random role in the squad after reaching the Squaddie rank. Now, you can choose their roles through training. In the beginning, you can choose from four options: the grenadier, which mainly deals in explosives; the ranger is the squad's vanguard unit with a proficiency in close-quarters combat; the sharpshooter provides support from a distance, easily taking care of enemies with their sniper rifle; and the specialist, who utilizes a Gremlin drone to either aid injured units through medical aid or help in the fight with its hacking tools.

The customization options for each soldier have returned with added extras, as well. Aside from customizing the type of armor as well as its color, players can also add more cosmetics to each soldier, such as whether or not they will wear a helmet, have a tattoo or wear sunglasses. Additionally, there are also improvements to the weapon customization. You can choose the type of ammo in each gun and give it a certain color and pattern to make it a unique item.

Move Out

When it's all said and done, you return to the somewhat-familiar situation room and its large hologram of Earth. However, the map used to choose missions expands to a full screen experience. With the resistance in its early stages, you must establish contact with other cells around the world in an effort to gather more intelligence, supplies and recruits for XCOM. Along the way, your intelligence team will provide reports on the latest alien activity and how to prevent it. Hopefully, your team is well-rested and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Good Luck, Commander

So far, XCOM 2 seems to dramatically improve on most of the features laid out by XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Obviously the gameplay will be different, especially when you're on the losing side of the conflict.

The turn-based strategy game was met with praise when it came out in 2012, and Firaxis seems to be on the right path to making its sequel another success when it hits stores in November.

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  • thundervore
    I'm so ready!!

    I purposely didn't activate the device or raid Xault's base just so I can continue to play the stages.

    I had a awesome Psionic team:

    Assault - Sprinter, low profile, gunslinger, rapid fire, killer instinct, bullet swarm (Memetic skin, muscle fiber density, hyper reactive pupils, secondary heart)

    Heavy - Sprinter, heat ammo, danger zone, mayhem, bullet swarm, shredder rocket. (Hyper reactive pupils, bio electric skin, adaptive bone marrow)

    Sniper - aggression, rapid reaction, damn good ground, opportunist, in the zone, squad sight (Depth Perception, muscle fiber density) Ghost armor.

    Mech Trooper 1 - Fully upgraded colonel Sniper with over 100 aim converted to Mech trooper - Advanced fire control, vital point targeting, jet boot module, expanded storage, reactive targeting sensors :) (kenetic strike, grenade launcher, proximity mine)

  • sesapp
    I hope they keep an option to keep classes random. I don't like them removing the RNG essentially killing the tension of having to live with what you get in ironman and hardcore mode.

    With set classes, there will be guaranteed strategies, and less tension/danger. No thanks, I like my "THAT'S XCOM BABY!" moments.
  • atheus
    I hope this version works with 21:9 monitors. This game is basically not optional for me. I will play it over and over. The only question is how many bugs will try to eat me as I go.
  • gaborbarla
    Shut up and take my money. ;-)