Quad-core Xeon E5335 makes early debut

Santa Clara (CA) - Media reports are in that Intel is ready to release a new quad-core processor, marking yet another new product for Intel this year. The Xeon E5335, which was originally scheduled for a February 2007 release, takes its position as the fifth quad-core processor since Intel first released the Kentsfield/Clovertown cores earlier this autumn.

The 2 GHz E5335 continues to run on the 1333 MHz front-side bus and marks what is most likely the last new processor for Intel. The company had a huge presence this year as it reinvented itself with a new line of dual- and quad-core products.

"This year we've seen Intel refresh its whole product lineup. I think this was more about proving that the company still has its chops and it's still capable of delivering high-quality products on schedule than a real demand in the market for quad-core chips," said Charles King, analyst at Pund-IT Research, in a story on Information Week.

The early release of the Xeon E5335 was reportedly due to requests from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who want to use it in PCs early next year, which is when Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, is planned to be released to consumers.

The chips reportedly cost $690 each for bulk orders of 1000 units or more.

More quad-core processors could surface as early as Q2 2007 with the desktop-focused Q6600 (2.4 Ghz) CPU. More chips, likely a Core 2 Quad Q6700 (2.66 GHz) and an Extreme Q6800 version could surface in Q3. In early 2007, Intel will also add quad-core Xeon processors that are targeted at entry-level systems with only one processor (X3000 series).