New XMIT Hall Effect Keyboard Layouts Available On Massdrop

After a Massdrop poll started by Omniscient3 revealed the demand for additional layouts and features of the popular Hall Effect 60% keyboard, JoséSoltren (“XMIT,” the man behind the keyboard series) is producing the supply, as it were. In a new drop, you can now opt for one of five layouts.

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The new Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard features a few improvements over its predecessor.

One major change is that you can get click or tactile switches, although with “a simple modification” you can restore the linear feel if you so desire. There’s also a new 60g spring weight, landing between the previous generation’s 50g or 70g spring, which is designed to be similar to a vintage Alps Blue or Orange switch. The actuation point is between 1.8-2mm, and the total key travel is 4mm.

The keycaps are PBT + POM doubleshot, and the characters are translucent to let the RGB lights shine through. However, a few of the keys on the 1800 and Sun layouts are actually laser-etched ABS plastic.

The bamboo case now features rounded corners and has been strengthened to prevent cracking. The entire keyboard is now coated in epoxy, giving it an IPX-6 water resistance.  Electronic updates improve key rollover, and there is a host of preset LED modes. Each key is also customizable for personalized LED patterns.

The keyboard has an updated Cherry-compatible stabilizer that helps keep larger keys level and new switch slider molds designed for “better keycap retention,” and the drop stated that it has “electrical improvements for better key rollover.”

The original 61-key 60% implementation is listed at $109.99, and the other four layouts are available for additional fees.  The 87-key TKL, 98-key “1800”-style, 108-key full size, or 120-key Sun layouts cost another $20, $30, $40, and $50, respectively. You can throw in a bamboo wrist rest for $12 if you like, too.

The drop runs until November 29; shipping is scheduled for April 2 of next year.

  • berezini.2013
    10.00 keyboard has been working just fine last 8 years expecting it to work another 20.
  • 0451
    Junk. Keys feel very loose from side to side and my enter key stopped working.