YouTube Is Now Available In VR; Let The Content Flow

Virtual reality is continually becoming more accessible as some big players move in the space. YouTube, arguably the largest video content provider on the Internet, has just taken a huge step into the VR scene. YouTube has announced that its video service now supports virtual reality video content.

Earlier this year, YouTube enabled 360-degree content, which was the first step towards immersive video. Starting today, YouTube creators will have the option of uploading VR video content to their channels, as well. The new videos can be viewed through the YouTube app on your smartphone with the use of a Google Cardboard viewer.

Not only will content filmed with new immersive video technologies such as Google Jump or a spherical camera such as those offered by Bublcam work with Cardboard, YouTube said all videos can be viewed this way. Existing 2D content found on YouTube can be watched through a Cardboard viewer and experienced in a virtual projection screen, as if at the movies.

To view videos in the new Cardboard mode, you'll need the latest version of YouTube's Android app found in the Google Play store. The new version will have the Cardboard viewer option in the watch page menu. Content that is designed to be viewed in VR will have the Cardboard icon on the screen between the time stamp and the fullscreen icon.

If you happen to have a Cardboard viewer of your own (perhaps you are one of the over 1 million NYTimes subscribers who got a free one this week), YouTube has a couple suggested videos to try out: The Hunger Games Experience and TOMS Shoes Giving Trip.

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 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.