Zotac Wants Your Vote On A Zbox Redesign

Last week during CES 2015, Zotac revealed prototypes of its Zbox line of miniature desktops that utilized new designs. There were five in all, one of which looked like a yellow "Z" sitting on its side. The designs were definitely a visual departure from the black boxes Zotac has been using over the last six years.

When asked about the new designs, a Zotac spokesperson said that the company felt that now would be a good time to change the look of its popular Zbox line. Even more, the company wanted to include potential and current customers in the design process by launching a voting campaign here. The page not only reveals all five prototypes but ways to win one of three prizes: the GTX 980 AMP! Omega, the EN760, or the CI520.

"With the current voting campaign, they can vote for their design choice and the winning choice may have design cues incorporated into future designs," the representative said.

The rep assured Tom's Hardware that the new designs will not replace the existing Zbox design. "Zotac has various series that utilize the current original Zbox design, so it is possible to introduce a new design and making both available concurrently," the rep added.

To vote on a specific design, just click on the image and then enter your name at the bottom of the page. So far the vertical black design has received the most votes, followed by the blue unit with silver hexagons, the white with blue hexagons, the white with the illuminated Zbox label and the yellow "Z." Entrants can also post the results to their Facebook wall, send an invite request and share on Twitter.

Also last week during CES 2015, Zotac showcased two new Zbox models -- the EN860 and the CI321 -- and its GeForce GTX 970 Amp! Extreme Core Edition graphics card. You can read our coverage of Zotac at CES 2015 by heading here.

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  • quilciri
    WTB vote on components. I'd like to see some APU's start showing up in these!
  • AJSB
    I won't vote...because i *dislike* (to say the least), all ZBOXs, BRIXs and NUCs of this world.
    How about ZOTAC return to make mini-ITX MoBo and we will take care of the cases, CPUs/APUs,etc. ?

    More exactly, i propose that ZOTAC makes a FM2+ mini-ITX MoBo with follwing connectors:

    HDMI, DVI-I, DisplayPort (there isn't a single mITX with DP)
    2 USB 3.0
    4 USB 2.0
    1 PS2 Mouse (still better than USB, IMHO, YMMV).
    1 PS2
    Audio out
    Line In
    19V DC connector near audio connectors so it stay low.

    PS2 connectors should be individual, i prefer that to those single PS2 connectors that can work with both devices.

    Internally, use FM2+ socket of course, but make the connections for a Intel cooler because occupies less MoBo space (ECS did that with a thin mITX)

    Discard PCIex16 (or even PCIeX4) connector completely... instead, install double (stacked one over the other) mPCIe with one for WiFi+BT and the other compatible with mSATA cards...make mSATA bootable.

    MoBo should be thick...no thin MoBo...good VRMs, 1 Chassis FAN connector and TWO CPU fan connectors (one 4pin and one 3pin) all 3 with configurable cooling curves and PWM/Voltage ratios accordingly.

    All OC options used in ASRock FM2A88X-ITX+ Mobo for RAM, CPU, iGPU, NB, SB,etc. plus all options of the MSI model (i.e. disable CPU cores so it works 2+2 (all 4 cores) , 1+1, 1+0 or 0+1 ).
    Also nice to have a miniature push button inside MoBo (NOT accesible in rear panel) to clear CMOS.

    Now shut up and take my money....if you dare to make this Mobo.

  • ABagOfFritos
    All ugly.
  • AJSB
    PS: Ah yes forgot this one...the DC 19V connector is there in rear panel because...dump the ATX24 connector.
    Internal circuitry should be provided for equivalent to ATX12V...

    MoBo needs also one Power SATA connector and at most, 3 SATA III connectors.
  • Maxx_Power
    They are all pretty ugly and PLASTIC-ey. If these things compete with NUCs, BRIXs and even Mac Minis, they will have to pony up serious enclosure engineering and ditch that moulded ABS for some decent aluminum.
  • ottom6n
    I do miss the ZOTAC mini-ITX mobos too, but these aren't that bad. Besides they seem to be more like mockups than final production mods. These might not work for final designs, but at least they're willing to work with the community to get feedback.

    So who knows they might just make your suggest mini-ITX mobo.
  • quilciri
    15063229 said:
    They are all pretty ugly and PLASTIC-ey. If these things compete with NUCs, BRIXs and even Mac Minis, they will have to pony up serious enclosure engineering and ditch that moulded ABS for some decent aluminum.

    There's even lots of molded ABS that looks a lot better than those.....
  • josejones
    The Zbox should include:

    M.2 & SSD capability via NVMe interface at 20 Gbps to 40 Gbps
    PCIe 3.0 for now and PCIe 4.0 when it comes out soon
    HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.3
    good fan & cooling vents with dust protectors
  • the_skeptic
    So great to see Zotac's going to refresh their ZBOX chassis, I have a few of these tiny machines and they are awesome. It would def be a plus to see some new outlooks!

    I like the top right black one!
  • TechyInAZ
    It would be nice if you could vote WITHOUT needing a facebook account. :(

    Back to the topic, interesting design topics, i like the black (not the yellow & black) one best.