Frore intros trio of AirJet PAK coolers targeting edge AI systems up to 25W

Frore Systems
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Frore Systems has introduced its new AirJet PAK solid-state active cooling devices. AirJet PAK devices are designed to cool down applications that dissipate up to 25W and require reliable cooling systems. Frore positions its AirJet PAK products primarily for emerging edge AI applications perhaps because the first adopter of the company's PAKs is SmartCow, a developer of edge AI applications based on Nvidia's Jetson Orin system-on-modules (SoMs).

As, perhaps, the name suggests, AirJet PAC packs in two, three, or five AirJet solid-state active cooling systems to increase their cumulative performance accordingly. The AirJet PAK is available in three models: 5C-25 (five AirJets, 25W), 3C-15, and 2C-10. These solid-state coolers are all six millimeters thick, yet have different width and length dimensions. The AirJet PAK 5C-25 can dissipate up to 25W of heat and supports up to 100 TOPS generated by Nvidia's Jetson Orin processor; the 3C-15 features three AirJets, can dissipate up to 15W, and supports up to 70 TOPS generated by Jetson Orin; and the 2C-10 can dissipate up to 10W, and can handle Nvidia's Jetson Orin pushing up to 50 TOPS performance.  

"We are currently integrating AirJet PAK into a new product line called 'Uranus + with AirJet' — a cutting-edge, faster, smaller, lighter, silent, and dustproof AI edge embedded system," said Ravi Kiran, CEO of SmartCow. "We are excited to combine AirJet’s innovative technology with our advanced systems to deliver a truly differentiated product that better enables Smart Cities, Smart Retail, and AI Gateway Entrances." 

For now, Frore's AirJet PAC modules are designed specifically for SmartCow's solutions powered by Nvidia's Jetson Orin SoMs, though they can be used with other applications that need sophisticated, yet quiet, and solid-state cooling that does not have moving parts. 

Unlike traditional air coolers that use fans which sometimes fail, Frore's AirJect generates 1,750 Pascals of back pressure using ultrasonic waves to push air through the device. Assuming that AirJet PACs use Frore's AirJet Mini Slim modules, they have built-in sensors to adjust their own performance based on temperature and support a self-cleaning mechanism that reverses airflow to expel any accumulated dust from the filters. This not only ensures the optimal operation of the AirJet Mini Slim but also helps maintain the consistent performance of the device in which it is used over prolonged periods. 

"We are thrilled to announce the AirJet PAK, an ultra-thin plug and play solution that is scalable and enables Edge AI platform manufacturers to unleash AI performance in compact form factors," said Dr. Seshu Madhavapeddy, founder and CEO of Frore Systems. "The AirJet PAK is an easily integrated thermal solution that makes devices faster, silent, thinner, lighter, vibration-free, and dustproof. It is the ideal thermal solution for products needing the latest AI capabilities." 

Frore also announced this week that it had raised $80 million in Series C funding led by Fidelity Management & Research Company.

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  • PlutoDelic
    I'm looking closesly at these.

    SSD, RAM and VRM treatment.
  • Notton
    6mm thick? So it's more than double the thickness of their Airjet Mini
    Airjet Mini: 2.8mm thick, 41.5mm length, 27.5mm width
    Airjet Mini slim: 2.5mm thick, L&W same as above.
    What is the extra thickness from? Heatpipe or vapor chamber? a slab of copper?
  • evdjj3j
    'Uranus + with AirJet'

    Somebody in marketing needs fired.
  • bit_user
    This + copper baseplate or vapor chamber sound like just what I'd need for a mini-PC I'm trying to mod with better cooling.
  • Giroro
    "Edge AI System" = "It lets you access Ghat GPT through the Edge web browser"?
  • bit_user
    Giroro said:
    "Edge AI System" = "It lets you access Ghat GPT through the Edge web browser"?
    Heh, pretty cute.
    : D
    I'm sure you know this, but for anyone who doesn't: it's about inferencing AI models on "edge devices", which is a way of referring to client devices based on their location within the network topology (i.e. they sit out at the edges of the network, as opposed to the way the cloud-powering server machines sit nearer to the core).

    When you break it down like that, it's actually quite dense jargon that must leave the uninitiated quite puzzled.
  • thestryker
    Notton said:
    What is the extra thickness from? Heatpipe or vapor chamber? a slab of copper?
    If it's not that it's an extra protective layer for the intake vents either one would make sense since it's an integrated unit.