How to Make a Solar-Powered DS Lite

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  • Destiny19901003
    With some basic equipment and a bit of wiring, build a solar panel battery charger that keeps small appliances going. The advent of solar energy has made small solar panels readily available in all sizes. Build a charger as a science fair project to demonstrate the simple process of solar power.
    1.Put 4 AA batteries into the two battery holders.
    2.Wire the holders together to make a series connection for the battery charger. Connect one positive wire from one holder to one negative wire of the other. Leave the other positive and negative wires alone for now.
    3.Join the blocking diode and the battery charger. Use the ringed end. Connect this to the positive wire from the battery holder.
    4.Connect the other end of the blocking diode to the solar panel.
    5.Take the negative output of the solar panel, and connect it to the negative wire from the battery holders.
    6.Charge the solar panel, and watch it charge the batteries.