Hot News Of The Week: Dec. Week 2

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  • megamanx00
    I knew WOW was bad for you. Yeah I remember when being addicted to the ol Morrowind game caused a drop in GPA, and then there were the Gothic games :D.
  • giovanni86
    Waiting for school to end so i can get back into WOW during winter break wooooo!!
  • curnel_D
    Seems like Nikon hired someone with brains to head their marketing department.
  • malveaux

    They go the idea right with the ads for the camera, but they failed and grabbed some teeny-bopper looking `girls.' They should use real women with real assets. Those `girls' are no different than 10 year old boys with a bit of fat on their chest and longer hair. Get some real T&A in those photos and then let's take some pics and sell cameras. Silly ad makers.
  • w3iner
    I love the Nikon Ad.
  • Anonymous
    I am offended by the picture advertising "Nikonic News" on the Tomshardware home page. Tomshardware is where I come to see what's going on in the world of computers, not to be reminded of why society is so far on its way down the toilet.
  • snausages
    kind of sad you took the time to create a profile just to complain about a single pic on this site, "Disgusted!". you must be a very unhappy person, considering the number of MUCH worse advertisements we all see day after day. enjoy your life.
  • malveaux
    They would have been smarter to just put the camera in the middle of some big titties and took a photo of that. Do some proper ass & titty advertising, like they do in the UK and Canada. Stop being such a bunch of pussies here in the States. And again, for heaven's sake, stop focusing on the image of pre-pubescent teens. If the ad-makers think America likes to have sex with kids, well, that's what they're freak'n saying with pictures like this. We happen to like boobs and big booties. Not bodies of 10 year old boys with a female gender attachment.
  • cruiseoveride
    that picture with the two... i dont even know what, was quite disturbing
  • cart0181
    The Nikon ad is very tacky. Not because it features 2 girls in bed with each other begging the man with the camera to join them, but rather because of the rest of the setting. It looks like the photo was taken at a cheap hotel in Brazil! I mean come on. Here's why: The high-rise apartment across the street, nothing hanging on the walls, not to mention the color of the babes' skin. And they could have picked cuter girls. The girl on top's face looks practically deformed.
  • Anonymous
    I agree malveaux. and you can tell by how skinny the girl's legs are. however, first thing i know about ad makers, is that they're not stupid.. first they obviously target the male population and that is done showing 2 girls in their underwear. THAT WORKS, whether they are adult or not... then they may go deeper on showing something we like to see, but making a bit "wrong" by displaying two very young girls. two fully developed women would definitely get our atention, but this will keep us busy in a more rational way. and thus making this product rememberable! maybe the concept of something that society itself sets apart is in our innerselves distinguished and kept for further reference..

    and what about brazil.. well its cheaper.
  • svc
    Everyone is so focused on the two girls on the bed that no one has noticed the 5 guys looking at the girls in that photo. It's a face recognition ad after all. :)
  • Anonymous
    It did kind of shock me (that picture on main page of tom's hardware).
    I dislike the ad, but have to admit it has an idea - which is uncommon.
    I WAS nikon. But maybe now is the time to move somwhere else. :P

    2svc> That's writen under the picture if you didn't read it (if we are speaking about focusing (AF-MF :P)).

    2snausages> Existence of many bad/disgusting/shocking/whatever_i_stay_with_the_first_word advertisments doesn't excuse any of them of beeing bad.
  • bounty
    What's the point? You can't focus on a face in the room with you, AND across the street?
  • hellwig
    bountyWhat's the point? You can't focus on a face in the room with you, AND across the street?

    Maybe the camera can take multiple pictures with different focal points and stitch them together to create a single, perfectly focused image (at least with respect to the faces it recognizes). You just have to hold the camera REAL still until its done.
  • brendin
    they have the right idea, but those girls faces look kinda bad
  • alexanderhuzar
    Finally catching up to the European commercials...
  • gaiden2k7
    Curnel_DSeems like Nikon hired someone with brains to head their marketing department.

    ya, with brains on their chests :)
  • sandmanwn
    yeah thats the way to do it. if you can't sell it normally, stick women in it showing lots of skin and create controversy. the nerds think its cool until later in life when its their daughter in the photos. if they ever stop going ga-ga over photos and get a real woman.