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In Pictures: Tom's Hardware's AMD/Eyefinity Event


No trip to the Tom's Hardware office would be complete without some free stuff! We had some great Tom's swag, as well as gear from Creative, Buffalo, Gigabyte, Nikon, SanDisk, and Zalman.

Before The Drawing

The prizes were given away randomly, to be fair. While all the prizes were a pleasure to give away, the Zalman water cooling kit was probably the most coveted item. Each reader was also given a Dragon Age: Origins activation key to be used with the EA Download Manager. Along with the game, you also get the full soundtrack and too many desktop backgrounds to count.

After The Drawing...

After a random drawing, the loot was split amongst them...

Kyle's Prize

Kyle, who was thinking about using a water-cooling system on his home gaming rig anyways, was ecstatic about the Zalman system he received. Put it to good use, dude!

Chris' Prize

Chris walked away with a digital camera from Nikon and an SD card from SanDisk. Here's hoping that we inspired the shutter-bug within!

Lucas' Prize

Lucas won a Socket AM2+ motherboard from Gigabyte. The hammer on the right is the coveted Tom's Hardware multi-tool with built-in screwdrivers. Legend says these go for hundreds of dollars on eBay (Ed.: a valiant attempt at boosting the market price of the box of hammers in the office, Devin).

Anthony's Prize

The more storage, the better, is my motto. Anthony seemed to agree when we gave him a 500GB external hard drive from Buffalo.

Eddie's Prize

Last but not least, Eddie came away from the event with some I-Trigue 3330 speakers from Creative. By the look of it, someone else at the event was pretty jealous...

The Gang

It was an exciting Saturday at the Tom's Hardware offices. Junk food was eaten, games were played, jaws were dropped (and put back into place), and prizes were won.

We want to send out a huge "thank you" to AMD and EA for providing the hardware and software, as well as our other sponsors, who provided the prizes. Also, thanks to Kyle, Eddie, Anthony, Chris, and Lucas for coming in and making the video shoot a blast. Until next time!

  • tacoslave
    ha the test rig they used was the same as mine except for the case! Damn i need to buy 2 extra moniters.
  • alterecho
    thoughtful event and nice work place
  • kelfen
    kudo's to the sponsors!
  • insanely awesome
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    HAHAHA everyone has a little "tom's" hammer!!! :P :P :P
  • dconnors
    xbeaterHAHAHA everyone has a little "tom's" hammer!!!
    Yep, the hammers are pretty handy. I have one in my room, screwdrivers are great for working on the ol' gaming rig.

  • carlhenry
    i hope to see benchmarks when the fermi cards are released! ati vs nvidia on a whole new level!
  • bin1127
    the screen is too small to be impressive. Can eyefinity run 3 30"?
  • It would make more sense to have this 3 monitor setup with 4:3 aspect ration monitors. What do you think?
  • dconnors
    bin1127the screen is too small to be impressive. Can eyefinity run 3 30"?
    You're a hard person to impress if three 23-inch monitors isn't impressive.

    From what I have read, the maximum res for Eyefinity is 7680x1600, which is three 30-inch monitors running at 2560x1600 each.