In Pictures: 40 Dirty PC Environments

Can You Spot The Mistake?

Generating your own electricity is certainly a good idea, especially if you live in a basement. It’s just too bad that you can’t ride your bicycle and play your PC games at the same time. Unless you have a gamepad, of course.

If these 40 pictures aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite for PC horror, then go ahead and have a look at our In Pictures: 40 Of The Dirtiest PCs You've Ever Seen.

CD Burner

You can imagine the moonshine distillery to the right.

Home Sweet Home

There’s always room for a PC.

Star Wars

This slightly dusty trash can is reminiscent of R2D2. This is just some of what can be found in this man cave from hell. We’ll see more of it later.


The key to an elegant home is tasteful art, which provides nice ambiance and makes the fetish look almost normal.

Call The Press

Where are the producers of Hoarders? Our scout has gone where nobody should ever go to bring you this picture.

Below Ground

If you don’t want a tornado blowing away your house to interrupt your gaming sessions, then why not just combine the shelter and your man cave?

World Of Warcraft

This is what a room looks like after playing WoW for 10 years (and never getting up).

Mobile Gaming

Someone didn’t quite understand the phrase, it appears.

Creative Space

This is a rather Spartan approach to an adolescent’s room. Then again, if there's nothing to break, how much damage could one hormonal teen do? A mattress and a laptop are all that’s really necessary, after all.

Bed Frame

Gaming without getting out of bed. Innovative!

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    You made me lose my appetite.
  • Grognak
    Picture 3: Is that a pic of Satoru Iwata on the wall?
  • chris987
    ha ha , paper box made pc towers!
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    love you Toms, but these filler posts are pretty bad. Nobody sluethed around CES for rumors on the 980ti? What about AMDs new flagship card? What about a high end DDR3 vs DDR4 shoutout article? Maybe an updated game engine comparison?
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    I think Toms should look at the cardboard pc and say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"
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