In Pictures: 40 Dirty PC Environments

Heat Exchange

Just how well does common house dust transfer heat?

The Brown Death

This PC almost screams for a vacuum cleaner. It’s already too late for the feather duster.

Call Us!

Reading tea leaves is so 2013. Today, the trendy administrator just opens a PC of his choice and interprets the shape of the dust balls. What do you see? Is it a bird in flight, a dead mouse or a pointless pile of dirt? Want to know what that says about you? Call our 900-number for just $0.01 per millisecond.


Intel’s newly-developed notebook coolers with viscous padding have only one minor drawback: they don’t actually cool anything. On the plus side, they’re completely quiet.

Superior Dampening

Dampening works even better with tobacco. And you can smoke it when you're done.

One-Sided Distribution

Why would only one side of the cooler accumulate all of the dust? The answer is simple: the administrator’s huge coffee mug always stood on the other side. No airflow; no dust.

Completely Networked

To speed up data transfers even more, this PC was given a 3D network based on nature. Sometimes, the best solutions are already out there.


This picture is proof that smoking is bad for the environment, and this user clearly knows it.

Science Fiction

Here’s the promised additional view of Picture 4. Try to spot the R2D2 trash can, which perfectly blends in with the environment. Camouflage activated!

  • blackmagnum
    You made me lose my appetite.
  • Grognak
    Picture 3: Is that a pic of Satoru Iwata on the wall?
  • chris987
    ha ha , paper box made pc towers!
  • cmsvmylo
    omg no16...
  • toddybody
    love you Toms, but these filler posts are pretty bad. Nobody sluethed around CES for rumors on the 980ti? What about AMDs new flagship card? What about a high end DDR3 vs DDR4 shoutout article? Maybe an updated game engine comparison?
  • ykki
    I think Toms should look at the cardboard pc and say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"
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    I think I'll do my spring cleaning a little early this year...
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    Free protein one is shit man.!
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    I knew I shouldn't have clicked on it... And I clicked on it.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say none of those guys who live in those places have girlfriends or wives.