In Pictures: 40 Dirty PC Environments

We Build A CPC (Cardboard PC), Part 2

The PSU is getting its very own cardboard bracket. Bet that'll hold up in shipping!

We Build A CPC (Cardboard PC), Part 3

This case’s main selling point is the sophisticated tool-less design.

We Build A CPC (Cardboard PC), Part 4

Turning this PC on is easy. And who needs EMI shielding anyway?

A Man’s Best Friend

The saying that someone’s PC is his best friend sometimes seems to be misunderstood.

Weaving A Web

Someone doesn't quite understand how compartmentalization works.

Lots Of Lint

It's time to knit some socks for winter!

A Kingdom Of Germs

This PC might be the opposite of clean, but it’s still running!

The Blob

This is the sequel to Hollywood’s classic horror movie. And is that an Nvidia chipset we see?

Perfect Animation

Today’s computer-generated graphics never cease to amaze! For instance, you can see AMD’s TressFX at work, animating millions of lint fibe...oh, wait.


Selectively applying sound dampening to the front of the case can result in a remarkable decrease in noise.

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    Picture 3: Is that a pic of Satoru Iwata on the wall?
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    ha ha , paper box made pc towers!
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    love you Toms, but these filler posts are pretty bad. Nobody sluethed around CES for rumors on the 980ti? What about AMDs new flagship card? What about a high end DDR3 vs DDR4 shoutout article? Maybe an updated game engine comparison?
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    I think Toms should look at the cardboard pc and say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!"
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