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The Best Booths And Sights At E3 2016

E3 2016

Every year, E3 draws in thousands of media members and fans to the largest gaming convention in the country, and this year was no different! While our intrepid writers were off getting you the latest scoops, the Community Team dove headfirst into the crowds to bring you the sights and sounds (well, mostly the sights) of E3 2016. We picked out some of our favorite booths and exhibits—in no particular order—to share with you all. Continue on to check it all out!

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All Ratchet, No Clank

No convention is complete without cosplayers and boothpersons. The eye candy at the booths have been toned down this year, but a few companies still opted to have cosplayers on staff.

Here we have Ratchet, sans Clank, pausing to mug for the camera.

Dead By Daylight

The Vice President of DLC Sales for EA was present, greeting E3 attendees at the top of the stairs to the West Hall. (We kid you, EA! With love!) The Dead by Daylight serial killer hammed it up for pictures, moving slowly and creepy as all get-out.

Tekken's Kazuya Mishima

Here's Tekken 7's Kazuya Mishima, glaring fiercely and prepped to KO any challenger. Other Tekken cosplayers were also around, but they were not game for solo photo ops.

The Funeral March

For Mafia III, a full Second Line marched through the convention center, with a jazz funeral taking place at the end of the procession. Watching the theatrics (and raucous post-funeral dancing with twirling parasols) was awesome to experience.

Naughty or Nice?

Naughty America VR showing off their wares. This booth was swarmed most of the convention and lines were long.

3D? We've got 4D!

At the Samsung 4D VR experience, half the crowd was waiting and watching for a wipeout, but no conventioneers were harmed (as far as we know).

Lil' Wayne also made an appearance during the week, but no champagne was poured on any Galaxy S7 smartphones that we could see. It was a bit disappointing.

Persona 5

This was quite the event for Persona fans as P5 swag—bags, hats, even a P5 cutout for all E3 badges—were being handed out left and right by Atlus staff who looked like they stepped right out of the game.

The Most Efficient Barber

"A little off the top, please?" at the Dishonored 2 display by Bethesda.

Dragonborn, In The Flesh

This lifesize Dovakhiin gratefully did not Fus Ro Dah us out of the Bethesda booth.


Tom's Community Director Joe Pishgar has serious "Objections!" to this photo from the Phoenix Wright booth being allowed in the picture stories. We're going with it anyway.