11 Games That Should Get A Remake Or Sequel

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (Remake)

Imagine if you can play the remake of this nearly 20-year-old game with a hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) setup (although the original allowed the use of a joystick) and a VR headset. The classic Star Wars game brought you to a galaxy far, far away and put you in the cockpit of the franchise’s iconic spacecraft. Even though the original game was mainly focused on multiplayer combat, you could take on single-player with the "Balance of Power" expansion, which is actually available on Steam.

Even with its great gameplay, its graphics leave something to be desired. A visual upgrade, along with some additions to the multiplayer modes, could bring fans back to the game. However, it’s unclear if EA will ever give the game the remake it deserves. Until its announcement, you can always try a modern take on the space combat genre with Elite Dangerous: Arena.

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  • tatsu99
    i really want the next GTA game to be based in vice city
  • Hellfire13
    No mention of HALF LIFE. Everybody wants a HALF LIFE 3.
  • hypertonik
    Anachronox! Both remake and sequel.
  • PinchedNerve
    Quake 2
  • Luis XFX
    Vice City for me.
  • Miyconst
    Where is Alpha Protocol? There is no games even close similar to the concept of Alpha Protocol.
  • NinjaNerd56
    Interstate '76...

    Just a great game all around. The single player story was great, and multiplayer was even better.

    We uploaded the soundtrack to our PlayStation and use it for driving games.
  • bit_user
    I only played from Ultima 6, onward, but I'm a big fan of the Ultima RPG series. EA bought Origin - they could do it if they wanted.

    BTW, there are some interesting fan remakes, such as Exult and certainly the most interesting would be Ultima V: Lazarus, which is a full rebuild on the Dungeon Siege engine (http://www.u5lazarus.com/Screenshots.php).

    Update: I thought this got dropped, but I guess it's actually happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5tte6mQulE
  • clodfobble
    Robot Odyssey
  • Karadjgne
    Starseige. There was a sequel in the works some 5 years after original release, plenty of user input and graphics, but the franchise headed in the direction of Tribes instead. Then nothing. Better graphics on my old Voodoo 16 than even some games today, easy to mod with the built-in editor. I miss NasHerc racing!