The new MultiPi console sports a Raspberry Pi CM4 and GPIO cartridge slot

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The masterminds at Heber Ltd are at it again, unveiling a new Raspberry Pi-based gaming console called the MultiPi. This console is the latest in a line of retro gaming-oriented products from the team. Because the new system is designed to work with our favorite SBC, we know exactly what it's capable of and how much flexibility you can customize it. They've included everything you could think of in the PCB that should make for a seamless gaming experience without the need to tinker much at all.

This news comes from a post shared to X (formerly Twitter). In it, the Heber limited team confirmed that the MultiPi is planned to be released in July for preorders. This console is described as an all-in-one retro gaming system. It features an original board created by Heber that works with the Raspberry Pi CM4.

One of the MultiPi's most interesting design elements is its cartridge slot, which is reminiscent of old-school consoles. This is created using an expansion bus that attaches to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO. Attaching a HAT is as easy as plugging it into the cartridge port. It's also worth noting that a USB 2.0 bus is provided for even more add-ons.

Heber Ltd has already planned to release an Analogue A/V card for the MultiPi, so you can expand the design to include support for this additional module. However, you don't need it to use the console as it already has both composite video and dual HDMI output options by default.

The PCB places important ports and inputs in convenient locations. For example, a power button is provided on the front of the console. You can also access the microSD card on the front of the unit, which is useful for swapping operating systems. There are also USB ports on the perimeter for connecting peripherals and a PCIe X1 expansion port.

According to the official Heber Ltd website, pre-orders will be available later this month on the online shop. In the meantime, you can check out our list of the best Raspberry Pi projects and see what the community has been up to.

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  • Sluggotg
    Looks like fun. It looks like it has a decent layout and would make it handy for Emulating. I will keep checking their site to see what it will cost.