Quo Vadis, Hard Drive? The 50th Anniversary of the HDD

Seagate's Opinion on the Future of Magnetic Mass Storage

We found 400 GB hard drives at Costco for as little as $99.

Computers, servers, laptops, navigation systems, cellular phones - all use hard disk drives to increase storage at decreased cost. Even entertainment devices such as MP3 players and VCRs have been equipped with hard drives, and although specialist have been forcasting the limits in magnetical recording, the good old hard drive is still around - and it is more impressive than ever.

Let's look 50 years ahead in time! Will new technologies skyrocket capacities and/or rotational speeds? Will silent solid-state drives finally replace our beloved magnetic recording technique with rotating platters and mechanically actuated heads? Or maybe the future belongs to recording technologies such as Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording, Probe Storage or SOMA?

Tom's Hardware Guide asked Seagate's Senior Field Applications Engineer Henrique Atzkern what he thinks the future holds for the long-dominant "hard disk drive".

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