Computex 2008 Innovation Award

The new Tom’s Hardware Innovation Award can be granted for outstanding products we find during trade shows, conventions or other events, where it is typically difficult or impossible to differentiate between so-called "me too" products and true innovation. Hence the Computex 2008 Innovation Award will be granted to a selected number of products that look very promising. Here are the Award winners for this year’s Computex 2008 in Taipei, which being held between June 3 and June 7. Congratulations to the winners!

Coolermaster UCP 900W 80plus Silver PSU

This power supply is the first mainstream unit to comply with the 80plus Silver standard, which requires an efficiency between 85% and 88% at various loads, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts who need a lot of power and don’t want to give up on energy efficiency. Read the news on the UCP 900W by Coolermaster.


Ikonik R10 Case

Ikonik R10

Ikonik is a new player on the case market, and we believe its new R10 case deserves an innovation award. Brute force cooling using large or multiple fans is easy; this one utilizes a software to adjust the fan speeds in five different groups.




WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) or IEEE802.16 has been available since 2004, but the real breakthrough is close now, as client devices from Intel and others are hitting mainstream. The wireless technology will help to provide Internet access to areas where cable and DSL cannot be deployed for whatever reason or in developing countries. Multiple demos can be seen in the WiMAX Expo in Computex Hall 2.

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  • Shadow703793
    What are the basis for the so called "Innovation Award"???
  • guntario2715
    I believe the basis for the innovation award is that the technology must be innovative.
  • pschmid
    @Shadow703793: Exactly. It has to be something really new, useful or with a measurable added value. If you have more suggestions please let us know.

    Patrick Schmid
  • Ptosio
    But what's so innovative about it? It's just a PSU - maybe more efficient than the others, but then what? Does that really matter? Its higher price will almost surely overcome all the savings it could make, anyway. So, who cares?
    It's good that the efficiency of Power Suplies is increasing, but it's hardly something to be called the biggest innovation of Computex.
  • Shadow703793
    I believe Toms should do a PSU quality (ie Rail stability,etc) review first. If they do so they will find a few surprises about CoolerMaster products. There are thorough reviews done by [H]ard|OCP.
  • Shadow703793
    +1 for Ikonik R10 and WiMAX. Good choices for the award. Should be interesting to see that case.
  • cybereality
    Numerous companies were displaying big-screen stereoscopic 3d displays and the most innovative products you find is a "green" PSU and some random case with "smart" fans. Ok, whatever.
  • Gamesky
    This case looks quite cool. I would like to see more info about it. Is it available yet? I never seen a case that has software control that adjusts the fans before. Should be interesting to see.