VIA's C3 Hits 1 GHz

Test Setup

Test System
CPUs VIA C3 Processor, 1 GHz
Intel Celeron 667
Intel Celeron 1300
RAM 256 MB PC133 SDRAM, CL2, Infineon
Motherboard MSI MS-6368
VIA PLE133T Chipset
Graphics Card VIA PLE133T Integrated Graphics
Network Controller Realtek RTL8100L - onboard
Hard Drive IBM DeskStar 60 GXP, IC35
40 GB, 7.200 rpm, 2 MB cache
Drivers And Settings
Chipset/IDE/AGP Drivers VIA 4in1 4.38 V2
Graphics Drivers VIA 8601T, Ver.
Screen Resolution 1024x768, 16 Bit, 85 Hz
Benchmarks and Software
OS Windows XP
Synthetic Benchmarks MadOnion PCMark 2002
SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro Direct3D Benchmark
Unreal Tournament Ver 4.36 UTBENCH.DEM
OpenGL Benchmark Quake III Arena Timedemo
File Compression WinACE 2.11D
178 MB WAV file
Maximum Compression
4096 kB Dictionary
MPEG4 Encoding DivX 5.02 Pro
Xmpeg 4.5, 720x576, YUV
Default Settings plus auto crop
MP3 Encoding Lame 3.92
178 MB WAV file
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