AMD's Athlon64 4000 and FX-55: Nails in the P4 EE's Coffin?

Facts On AMD64 Processors

Source: AMD website.

The Athlon64 and its bigger brother Athlon64 FX have been around for over a year. They have since become that much more attractive with the release of Socket 939. Now, the most important difference with the Opteron's Socket 940 is that no registered memory is required. Also, while Socket 754 only supports 64 Bit single channel DDR400 memory, Socket 939 Athlon64 processors run in 128 bit dual channel mode. The integrated memory interface is, in fact, one of the most important architectural keys that unlocks the Socket 939 Athlon64's performance.

Here is a quick comparison of all processors:

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Header Cell - Column 0 ModelClockL2 CacheSocketPrice
Athlon643000+2.0 GHz512 kB754$ 173
Athlon643000+1.8 GHz512 kB939$ 173
Athlon643200+2.0 GHz1 MB754$ 227
Athlon643200+2.0 GHz512 kB939$ 227
Athlon643400+2.2 GHz512 kB754$ 288
Athlon643500+2.2 GHz512 kB939$ 346
Athlon643700+2.4 GHz1 MB754$ 507
Athlon643800+2.4 GHz512 kB939$ 643
Athlon644000+2.4 GHz1 MB939$ 729
Athlon64FX-532.4 GHz1 MB939$ 729*
Athlon64FX-552.6 GHZ1 MB939$ 827
*will be phased out soon

All the basic information around AMD64 and the Athlon64 processors can be found here: