Backup Master: Western Digital Media Center

Benchmark Results, Continued


The Western Digital Media Center represents an interesting solution for exchanging data between several locations, since it integrates a handy USB 2.0 hub, FireWire connectivity and a versatile flash card reader.

However, it only makes sense to get the version priced at $400 (€350) if you really do need the added value provided by both additional components.

It's possible to get a 250 GB external hard drive for $250 (€250), but if you put it together yourself. For less than $25 (€25), a 7-in-1 card reader is easily affordable as well. But if a USB hub also happens to be high on your wish list, the Media Center is worth considering despite its hefty price tag, since there are a lot fewer cables to untangle and, in the end, it requires considerably less effort to set up and disconnect for frequent use.

It would be nice, though, if you could dump the contents of an inserted flash memory card directly into a specified directory on the Media Center at the push of a button. Then the Media Center would truly live up to its name.