be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W Power Supply Review

be quiet! clearly is after Corsair's AX1600i, with its new, digitally controlled, Dark Power Pro 12 power supply with 1500W max capacity.

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W
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Instead of trusting its favorite manufacturer, FSP, be quiet! trusted CWT for its new flagship PSU line. The Dark Power Pro models utilize a new platform with good build quality and high-performance levels in all areas, while at the same time manages to keep noise output low. 

Nonetheless, we have a feeling that CWT should use a more advanced design. Yes, there is digital control for the APFC converter, the primary side, and the 12V circuit. Still, there is no bridgeless design that the much older EVGA 1600 T2 utilizes, or the super high-end bridgeless totem-pole PFC converter that both the Corsair AX1600i and the Wentai Aidan T1616 use. If you want to go after products like the ones mentioned above, you have to try hard. You have to use cutting edge technology, and not just a traditional recipe which might still work well, but it cannot threaten today's top-performing units in this high wattage category.

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There is no doubt that the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W should be on your short list if you want to combine a pair of RTX 3090s with a power-hungry AMD Threadripper CPU. It has the power to support all parts mentioned above while keeping noise output low. 

If you are after the best performance possible, you should take a look at the Corsair AX1600i, which costs a bit more but also features control and monitoring capabilities through Corsair's iCUE suite. On the other hand, if you want even more power you should grab an EVGA 1600 T2 if you find any available. It has a lower overall performance than the Dark Power Pro 12 1500W, but it is bulletproof and can deliver huge amounts of power, much higher than its advertised levels, even under high ambient temperatures.

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  • tamalero
    Been trying to find a Corsair AX and EVGA T2 and nobody has them on stock!
  • patrick47018
    tamalero said:
    Been trying to find a Corsair AX and EVGA T2 and nobody has them on stock!
    Try the EVGA G+ instead, or you could buy the Dark Power Pro 12 on Amazon right now with the 1200W in stock and the 1500W coming and able to be ordered.
  • mac_angel
    I've never seen a power supply with an "overclock" jumper/setting. You mention that this has it, and that it combines the 'virtual' single 12v rails into a single big one, but not what that means.