Build Your Own Mini-PC For The Office

Processor And RAM: Max. 1100 MHz And 1024 MB

Installation of the Intel Pentium III/1000 in a Socket 370.

The case comes with an extremely flat cooler. Standard models are much too tall and have no room in a Flex-ATX case.

View of the board with an installed processor and cooler and 512 MB RAM.

Because the board is equipped with a Socket 370, we were able to install older Intel CPUs and the VIA C3 models. We chose an Intel Pentium III/1000 and 512 MB RAM for this test. The board is supplied with the VIA PL133 chipset, so we couldn't use the newer Pentium III and Celeron processors with the Tualatin cores. We would have needed a VIA PL133T chipset for that. It wouldn't be a bad idea for Shuttle to consider this when developing new boards, particularly since users would be able to combine a VIA PL133T chipset with an inexpensive Celeron 1200. But the more recent version of the VIA chipset, the PL133T, can't just be plopped into the board. The layout needs to be changed somewhat beforehand.

The additional PCI component we used was a Soundblaster Live card from Creative.

Side view of the assembled PC.