CES 2007: MSN pairs up with Garmin to offer local data on GPS devices

Las Vegas (NV) - MSN will be pushing everything from updates about traffic conditions, weather conditions and forecasts, fuel prices, to even movie times and locations to GPS devices, beginning with Garmin's $999 nuvi 680 in the coming months.

MSN Direct is a subscription based service which pushes new data to GPS devices every two minutes; the idea being that the GPS device gets you down the street and MSN tells you what's on it.

The Directband system which pushes this data supposedly has 70% coverage in the US, covering major urban areas and a good percentage of the rest of the country too, though obviously service gets patchier the more you're out in the back end of nowhere.

After rolling out to the Garmin nuvi, 680 MSN Direct will become available on GPS devices across the range of the manufacturer.