Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, And Opera Next, Benchmarked

JavaScript And DOM Performance


WebKit's iconic SunSpider JavaScript performance benchmark makes a return to the Web Browser Grand Prix today, having finally been updated after nearly four years of stagnation. Besides being dormant, the 0.9.1 version of this test showed IE9 to be far faster than any other browser, which is usually a complete reversal of the results generated by similar JS performance tests. Let's see if the big one-dot-oh changes things.

Although the placing of the other four browsers looks consistent, it appears that the WebKit developers didn't modify SunSpider v1.0 to account for Internet Explorer's incredulously low scores. Unfortunately, this means SunSpider returns to the bleachers, and these results won't be included in today's scoring.

Now let's move on to today's other fresh face: JSBench. Like BrowsingBench, and unlike most off-the-shelf Web browser benchmarks, this test could be considered real-world. JSBench uses actual snippets of JavaScript that appear on several of today's most-visited Web sites.

Chrome takes the lead, followed by Opera Next in second place and the current version of Opera in third. At 66 seconds, Firefox places fourth, with long-term rival Internet Explorer bringing up the rear.

RIABench places Chrome in a commanding lead and IE10 in a distant last place, with Opera Next, Opera, and Firefox in-between the two. This test basically has Opera doing a trade-off, with Opera Next showing lower timed results, but the current version having higher FPS scores.

Futuremark also has Chrome in first place, with Opera Next taking the second-place position and the current version in third. Firefox and IE10 bring up the rear. In this test, Opera Next appears to be a marked improvement over the current version of Opera.

While Chrome comes away with another win in Browsermark, Opera Next is a much closer second-place finisher this time. Firefox places third, with Opera in fourth, about 2500 points behind Opera Next. IE10 places last yet again.


Firefox manages a victory when we test the Document Object Model, with JavaScript-winner Chrome taking a respectable second place, nearly tying with Opera Next. Opera's current incarnation earns a very distant fourth-place finish. IE10 again falls to dead last, with just half of Opera 12's already-miserable score.

JS/DOM Composite Score

Chrome is the obvious winner, with Opera Next coming in second, Firefox placing third, Opera 12 in fourth, and IE10 clearly last. Opera Next appears to offer a healthy boost in JS/DOM performance over the current version.