Roundup: CompactFlash Cards For Professionals

SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition 8 GB

SanDisk is one of the most popular brands in the memory card segment, and the firm typically focuses on high-end products. Its current top of the line product is the Extreme IV memory card family, available in 4, 8, and 16 GB sizes. It is rated at 40 MB/s read/write for the 4 and 8 GB cards, and up to 45 MB/s for the 16 GB version. We received an 8 GB sample, but a very special one: the Ducati Edition. It is not available in all markets and SanDisk also limits the Ducati branding to the best products it has.

The Ducati CF cards are only available at 4 GB or 8 GB capacities, but they deliver the performance SanDisk promises for its 16 GB capacity product. And while other manufacturers specify operating temperature limits of up to 65 or 70°C, SanDisk allows up to 85°C. The box includes a CD with San Disk’s RescuePro software for easy data recovery.

While the Ducati Edition only reached a maximum read throughput of 41.2 MB/s, we benchmarked up to 42.7 MB/s write performance. We triple-checked the results and can confirm that this card is the fastest for sequential writes. I/O performance was above average as well.

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