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Corsair RM750x PSU Review

Corsair released its RMx PSU line, which the company claims will offer good performance along with silent operation. Unlike the RMi models, the RMx units lack a digital interface, a fan test button, and uses a Rifle bearing fan instead of an FDB version.

Performance, Performance Per Dollar And Noise Ratings

Performance Rating

The following graph shows the total performance rating of the PSU, comparing it to other units we have tested in the past. To be more specific, the tested unit is shown as 100 percent, and every other unit's performance is shown relative to it.

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The RM750i and the RM750x score almost the same in this chart — a result we expected, considering they share the same platform. Overall, the RM750x demonstrated very good performance on a par with the excellent EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 unit. The Seasonic X-750, though more efficient, is a little bit behind the Corsair units because of the 39-mV ripple that we measured on its +12V rail.

Performance Per Dollar

The following chart may be the most interesting to many of you because it depicts the unit's performance-per-dollar score. We looked up the current price of each PSU on popular online shops and used those prices and all relative performance numbers to calculate the index. If the specific unit wasn't available in the United States, we searched for it in popular European Union shops, converting the listed price to USD (without VAT). Note that all of the numbers in the following graph are normalized by the rated power of each PSU.

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Because both Corsair units share the same relative performance rating and the RM750x costs less, naturally it is ahead of the RM750i in this chart.

Noise Rating

The graph below depicts the cooling fan's average noise over the PSU's entire operating range, with an ambient temperature between 28 and 30 C (82 to 86 F).

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The RM750i proved to be quieter during our cross-load tests and easily took the lead here. However, this doesn't mean the RM750x is loud during operation; in fact, it is among the quietest 750 W units available on the market today.