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10 Modern, Mainstream GPUs And Ryzen: Can They Play Crysis?


Visually, Crysis is still a contender. Comparing this 10-year-old game to present-day titles, we can clearly see that CryEngine 2 was ahead of its time. Maybe even a little too much. It is missing some well-placed shadows (notably, ambient occlusion technology, which arrived in later mainstream games). Modders improved the graphics quality even beyond Crytek's original scope, though, further showcasing the potential of this unique 3D engine.

Need a 5 GHz CPU?

Between this piece and But Can It Run Crysis? 10 Years Later, we've put a lot of effort into testing modern GPUs and previous-generation graphics cards. In the process, we came away with two striking observations.

First, only the fastest desktop board available (GeForce GTX 1080 Ti) can average more than 60 FPS at 4K. Oh yeah, that's Crysis for you. It's a game that remains challenging to render, even 10 years later.

Second, the game is still bottlenecked on most of our machines. Why? Because it's not sufficiently threaded to run well on present-day CPUs. These processors have progressed less with clock rate and more on their core/thread count. New architectures are more efficient, but they're still unable to fully unleash the game with just one core fully utilized. You need a beast of a processor overclocked to 5 GHz in order to max out a high-end graphics card and reach for 120 Hz.

A Perfect Game By All Accounts

Technical limitations aside, Crysis remains a small work of art in every area: gameplay, campaign, and graphics (plus the physics simulations that go with it). Open maps offer multiple ways to enjoy the experience a second or third time. And if you've beaten it once, try increasing the game's difficulty. We promise you'll be challenged.

But Crysis is also well-made from a technical perspective. It runs like a charm on modern Windows 10-equipped machines. And although the built-in resolutions are a blast from the past, we had no problem adding 2560x1440 and 3840x2160 to the game's list of options.

Now's the time to enjoy Crysis with smooth frame rates and forget frustrations it might have caused you in the past. If you missed Crysis altogether, don't skip out on this classic (and marvel at the fact that a decade-old game still costs $20!).

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