Entry-Level Printer: Canon i320


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Price (US)$99
Price (Europe)99 €
Resolution4800 x 1200 dpi
Number of cartridges2
Cost per set of cartridges (US)$27
Cost per set of cartridges (EU)29 €
Number of colors4
Speed, B&W14 ppm
Speed, color10 ppm
ConnectivityUSB 2 Full Speed
Number of nozzles704

You should be aware that the i320 should only be used as a secondary printer. It isn't designed for those who output large amounts of text and photos alternately. For this type of use, printers with separate cartridges of the i550 type are preferable because they are faster and much more economical in terms of ink consumption. If your needs are modest, you should consider buying this model.

Then it's up to you to not leave it lying around, forgotten in a corner, because the print heads could become blocked if not used. So, don't use it too much, but don't stop using it altogether, otherwise the print heads will clog. In any case, if you only intend to use it occasionally, if it needs to be installed, for example, on the PC at your country retreat, it might be worth considering either an HP or a Canon. HP printer ink is more expensive, but the print heads are an integral part of the cartridges, so if they become clogged you just have to replace the print head and the printer will work like new. This is not the case with Canon, where the print heads are part of the printer mechanism.