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FIC PA-2012

So far the board was working well. It ran fine with the NVidia's Riva 128 reference board as well as with Diamond's Fire GL 1000 Pro. Although I received the very latest srivers, the ATI Xpert@Work would not be able to do any 3D stuff without freezing. I hope that this problem will be fixed soon. I am still doing the performance testing, but so far it looks as if you definitely benefit from an AGP card in this board. The PCI graphic performance is pretty much the same as of the PA-2007, but the difference to AGP seems larger than what you find in Pentium II LX boards. All in all the board gives a good impression.

For getting AGP to work you have to do a little bit more work than you have with a LX board. You need to install a special VIA virtual device driver and also a special VGARTD.VXD for the AGP feature.