FirstWare Recover Pro 2004: System Recovery in Seconds

Manager's Sudden Death

Luckily, a virus scan was able to avert the worst - this time

Who among us hasn't experienced a disastrous scenario like the following? You're on your way out the door to the airport and just need to make a couple of last-minute changes to the presentation you're about to give for an important client in a few hours. Suddenly, your system emits an unsettling noise and crashes irrevocably, obviously having fallen prey to some virus making the rounds that your rather stale virus scanner failed to catch.

You just didn't have time for all those daily updates of your virus definition files, which is why you had recently decided to simply deactivate the whole update process. You regret that now, of course, because you find you have a fine mess on your hands. It's times like these when you wish you had a super-fast backup and recovery system that could restore the system to its "original operating state" in just seconds without needing to call in an administrator. Even better would be a halfway up-to-date backup copy of your current system settings, which you could use to restore the most recent functioning state.