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GeForce GTS 450 O/C Roundup: Six Custom-Tuned Cards

Asus Overclocking Utilities

First of all is Asus GamerOSD, a screen-capature program that allows the gaming PC to transmit screen data over a network so that other users can watch you in action without staring over your shoulder.

Asus’ SmartDoctor6 provides adjustment and monitoring capabilities similar to some of its competitor’s best efforts, all of these launching from a simplified main application menu.

GPU voltage can be adjusted between 1.075 and 1.212V, which should be more than enough to push the limits of Asus’ DirectCU cooler. GPU frequency range is far less extreme at 750-1000 MHz, and DRAM adjusts only between GDDR5-3800 and GDDR5-4200.

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The first two pages of advanced settings allow users to configure how the card is monitored and which actions to take if anything potentially dangerous happens.

Four settings allow the fan’s temperature-based speed curve to be set as desired.

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HyperDrive allows the card to be overclocked only when its 3D engine is active for a potential energy savings in 2D mode.

Thomas Soderstrom
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