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How much Graphics Power Does a PC Really Need?

Enthusiast PC Gamers (Hard-Core PC Gamers)

Here we find the state-of-the-art graphics cards for the small group of enthusiasts willing to pay a premium for the best possible PC gaming experience.

  • ATI PCIe: Radeon X800, X850 - (various models)
  • ATI AGP: Radeon X800 - (various models)
  • NVIDIA PCIe: GeForce 6800 - (various models)
  • NVIDIA AGP: GeForce 6800 - (various models)

Special solutions: NVIDIAs SLI technology - here, the 3D calculations are shared between two PCIe graphics cards . More information can is available in our VGA Charts:

VGA Charts IV: AGP Graphics Cards
VGA Charts V: PCI Express Graphics Cards

Again, all gaming cards are also suited to office work and surfing the Internet. Additionally, depending on the manufacturer, they also offer enhanced video functionality as well.