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Samsung ATIV Tab Review: A Tablet To Hold Your Breath For?

Performance: Samsung's 10.1" LCD Display

Samsung doesn't get specific about the display technology its ATIV Tab uses. However, our brightness benchmark suggests it comes from the company's SuperBright Plus family capable of 400 nits. The ATIV Smart PC 500T also uses a SuperBright display, but it delivers slightly better contrast. We're comparing two different display sizes from the same family, so this isn't entirely unexpected. After all, we've seen the same thing from full-sized desktop monitors.

Rendering 44% of the Adobe RGB1998 and 64% of the sRGB gamut, Samsung's ATIV Tab is only marginally better than Microsoft's Surface. If you look at the color map, the lines for both tablets almost overlap.

The Tab appears to have a slight advantage in rendering deeper blues and reds. Even so, we wouldn't call the win a definitive one. The Surface continues to deliver the best contrast ratio we've seen from any tablet. And as such, the real-world difference between the Qualcomm- and Nvidia-powered devices are very hard to see in the real-world, even when they're sitting side by side.