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High-End Scanning: Epson Perfection 3200 Photo

75, 300, 600 Dpi

Epson CX3200, 75 dpiEpson Photo Perfection 3200, 75 dpi

A resolution of 75 dpi is best adapted, in terms of the resolution/quality ratio, to illustrate web sites. At first, it's hard to distinguish between these two digitizations. Yet, if you look a little closer, the sharpness of the image produced by the Photo Perfection 3200 is slightly better.

Epson CX3200, 600 dpiEpson Photo Perfection 3200, 600 dpi

Indeed, at 600 dpi it's hard to make sweeping comparisons regarding quality. The multifunctional Epson scanner is, as we have already said , well built, and would be adequate for most home uses, such as photocopying, character recognition, and photo reproduction. However, as can be seen on the right, there is a greater level of detail, which becomes apparent in the outline and shades of the iris.

Epson CX3200, 300 dpiEpson Photo Perfection 3200, 300 dpi

This digitized photo is taken from a magazine. Although the automatic removal by strobing while using the Perfection 3200 works well, it is far less successful with the CX3200.