In Win Classic Series C 900W PSU Review

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Packaging, Contents, Exterior, And Cabling


The box's front has two photos of the PSU, both of which emphasize the enclosure's hairline brush finish. Obviously, the package is common across both models in the Classic family, since C750 and C900 are written on it. The 80 PLUS Platinum badge is in the bottom-right corner, and right above it a series of icons indicate the seven-year warranty, CrossFire/SLI support, RoHS (lead-free) compliance, the modular design, and the PSU's compatibility with Intel's C6/C7 sleep states.

On one of the two sides, a red dot shows that there's a C900 inside. Below that, the major product features are listed. The sleek and sophisticated design, in particular, caught our attention. Although In Win has designed and manufactured some great-looking products, aside from its finish, the C900 has nothing else interesting to show from the outside.

Around back, the connector and power specifications tables are shown. Although a single EPS connector is listed, the PSU does come with two of them. Maybe there was a last-minute change.


The PSU is protected well by packing foam. The user's manual sits on top of the unit in an effort to catch your attention.

The provided accessories are too few for such an expensive product. Besides the necessary extras, you only get a single Velcro strap. In Win could at least provide some zip ties for cable management.


The aluminum chassis is nice, and its finish is among the best we have seen. The only problem, as mentioned, is that even small scratches look really bad. You have to be extra careful installing the PSU in order to not accidentally mar it.

Stickers on the sides are protected by a plastic film, which we neglected to remove before our photo shoot. The large power specifications label is affixed to the bottom, so it'll mess with your view of the nice finish if you install this PSU with that side facing downwards.

Naturally, we void the warranty as we fully dismantle the C900 for detailed analysis. 

Around back, the modular panel includes a limited number of sockets. It should have at least one more eight-pin connector since there is available space.

Although it doesn't feature an innovative external design, still it has a nice looks thanks to the brushed hairline finish of its chassis.


Flat cables with darkened (stealthy) wires are included with this PSU. To be more specific, everything except the main ATX cable is flat. Given that there are no extra filtering caps on that cable, we wonder why In Win didn't make it flat as well.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Does the EVGA P2 series have OTP?
  • Aris_Mp
    newer batches have according to my sources. Older ones didn't have.
  • Johan Kryger Haglert
    Terrible bang for the buck you mean.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    18741010 said:
    newer batches have according to my sources. Older ones didn't have.

    Thank you much appreciated!!!!
  • falchard
    It's not a terrible buy. If you have a beautiful in-Win case, can you really tell yourself the best PSU for the price should be placed in there?