Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Keyboard Review

We review the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum, outfitted with the company’s own Romer-G switches instead of the industry standard Cherry, plus full RGB lighting.

Early Verdict

If you’re in for conservative looks but want some of the best backlighting you’ll find on a keyboard, consider the G810. You’ll either love or hate its relatively soft, lightweight, shallow-travel Romer-G switches.


  • +

    Romer-G switches are quieter than Cherry

  • +

    Beautiful lighting

  • +

    Dedicated media buttons and volume roller


  • -

    Extra ping noise when typing

  • -

    Keys caps show too much finger-grease shine

  • -

    Romer-G stems not Cherry compatible

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Features, Specifications & Switches

The exterior of the Logitech G810 Orion is identical to the G610 Brown and G610 Red, in fact, with the lighting disabled, there's no way to tell the difference.


The Romer-G Switches

Logitech went to great lengths to develop its own switches, and from everything we’ve seen (and touched), they are the real deal. In terms of specifications, they’re probably most similar to Cherry MX Browns, in that both types of switches are tactile and require 45gf. However, Romer-G switches actuate at 1.5mm instead of 2mm, and the total switch travel is 3mm instead of 4mm.

Objectively, then, there are some small but notable differences between the standard Cherry MX switch (and it clones) and Romer-Gs. Subjectively, Romer-G switches feel softer, and they’re much quieter, too.  

Therefore, they’re rather ideal for conservative-looking keyboards like the G810 - it’s like your dad’s gaming keyboard. That’s not an insult, these keyboards are by no means out of place in an office setting, so the quieter clicking is less likely to disturb coworkers (or roomates, or significant others, for that matter).

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 Logitech Romer-GCherry MX BrownCherry MX Speed Silver
Actuation Point1.5mm2mm1.2mm
Actuation Force45gf45gf45gf
Lifespan70 million clicks50 million clicks50 million clicks
Total Travel3mm4mm3.4mm

At the same time, speed-addicted gamers may find them preferable, because, as noted in the table above, Romer-G switches have similar short actuation and shallow travel to the Cherry MX Speed Silver switch.

Another significant difference between Romer-G and Cherry switches is the stem. Instead of the familiar Cherry cross-stem design, Romer-G switches have a through-stem LED design. There’s a hole in the middle of the stem that lets light shine right up into the middle of the key cap.

Keyboard modders, then, will be disappointed to learn that the Romer-G switches are not Cherry-compatible. On the other hand, users who are more keen on better lighting, by contrast, may be falling in love with the G810.

As a purely subjective note, I’ve found Romer-G switches to be my favorite to type on. Some users may be turned off by their softer feel and shallower travel, but I find these features to be quite comfortable. I tend to struggle a bit when typing on, for example, Speed Silver switches, which have similarly short actuation and travel, but the tactile bump in the Romer-G’s travel seems to make up for it.

When gaming, some might find that the slightly softer feel of the Romer-G switches is not ideal (it doesn’t bother me at all), but any real or imagined performance hit may be offset by the shorter actuation and travel (for some, “short and soft” may be the least desirable characteristic of a gaming keyboard switch).

Regardless, I spend far more time typing than I do gaming (eh, adulthood, what can you do), so if I’m going to compromise a bit, it will be on the gaming front.

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Thomas Ran is an Associate Contributing Writer covering keyboards and mechanical switches.
  • zthomas
    logitech user here.. I got G510s.. this one been discontinued.. amazon still has a few I thinks.. this is my second logitech board.. yes I'm a believer.. you gotta love the volume wheel, a real must.. my board is superior to these new ones.. has a little view screen.. has this one mode you can watch your cpu and ram.. and how much is being used at this very moment.. cpu 21% ram 23% .. great to watch while gaming.. its a gas..
  • F00l1shn3ss
    Dvorak layout?
  • F00l1shn3ss
    Dvorak Layout?

    And yes, I can type on a keyboard with the letters wrong, but why would I want to? You clearly charge over $90.00 for the fancy lighting, can you move the keys around and get the specialized ones that move? It's a trivial thing for you to do, but you've made it impossible to use the decals to move the letters, so what is your alternative? You realize that the FIPS requires that if you are going to sell to the Government... You do realize it is illegal to sell a keyboard that doesn't meet FIPS? Don't you? Or is that such an old standard that you think you can ignore it?
  • CBRworm
    I've got a G810 and like it. For reference, I also have a Ducky Shine 6, WASD Code and an old buckling spring Model M, as well as a couple old random Cherry branded keyboards.

    Things I like about this keyboard: It is quieter than its Cherry switch stable-mates, despite having added O-rings to one of them. I like the layout. The lighting is truly worth of awe - especially after seeing the competition. It doesn't look like a gaming keyboard for the other 90% of the time.

    Things I don't like: (Big One!)The lighting returns to default color wave as soon as you lock your PC, etc. Unless the logitech software is running and has access to the board, the keyboard lights up in crazy mode. You can turn the lights off all together, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Also, the key travel is not as smooth as name brand switches if you hit a key off center - I hope this improves with time. This ended up in my office since it is quieter than my other boards, having to turn off the lights so the color wave isn't running when I'm away from my desk is silly. I wish I could make it default to any solid color, or off.

    Other thoughts: The keycaps could be shaped a little better, and be less prone to shine. Overall, this is a decent keyboard, at its current sell price, it may be preferable to the more expensive boards.
  • jonb2501
    I've had this keyboard for ` 6 months now and I really like it. I took me about a half hour to get used to the Romer-Gs. They're light and fast. There is a little bit of a ping, but much better than other KBs I've bought in my quest to not bug my better half with my high speed typing and nocturnal habits. For reference, I have a Corsair Strafe RGB with Silent MX switches, an Apex MX800, a Logitech G710+, and a Das Keyboard with Cherry MX Blues. I seem to have an emotional attachment to the Das Keyboard, sadly my wife does not. Back to the G810; it's not for everyone, but if you like it, you'll like it a lot.