Five Mechanical-Switch Keyboards: Only The Best For Your Hands

Ione X-Armor U27 Wireless: Test

Detailed test results

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Ione X-Armor U27 Wireless

Single Key:

Cherry MX Blue

- Cylindrical key design- Good traction against slippage- Laser-cut, non-illuminated

Distance to actuation point:- 2 mm from starting position- 4 mm HubOperating force:- 50 g to overcome spring resistance- Approximately 60 g top value to exceed to the actuation pointCharacteristics:- Tactile switches- Click releaseOverview of test results

Assessment:This keyboard (and the included mouse) is a great product at an excellent price. Mechanical keys are not cheap, and we love the confidence with which one can use this keyboard, which prevents slippage and incorrect entries. The anti-ghosting capability is good, yet still somewhat average. Nevertheless, we see this keyboard best suited for use as a multifunction office device or for a home computer used for both work and gaming. The Cherry MX Blue keys are ideal for this purpose. Managers: This keyboard is the ideal tool for any secretary in a prominent position. At any rate, it renders excuses impossible, because one simply must type quickly. For larger offices, this device is somewhat less ideal due to its noise level.Comparison:AdvantagesDisadvantages- Ideal for office use- Good for gaming- Very precise tactile keys with clicking point- Wireless with a good operating range- Relatively immune to interference- Solid appearance, no slippage- No extra drivers required- Relatively loud design- Deep, hard-to-clean spaces between the keys- No USB charging function for AA batteries- No additional function- or macro keysOverall rating:

Excellent174 of 200 Points

(Diagram Source: Cherry)

  • "You will find keyboards even pricier than these, but that's a consequence of built-in special functions and gimmicks, not better quality or suitability."

    That's a bit ignorant, since you didn't test them. Try a Topre Realforce and tell me it's a gimmick.
  • skaz
    Great write up! I have a tenkeyless Leopold cherry brown and love it.
  • leather_daddy
    Where is the Filco Majestouch in the product list?
  • steve11
    Poorly done overview. A lot of keyboard missing in action.
  • stiehl
    Hmm looking at those keyboard's layouts make me wince. I don't think I could stand a huge enter key, a nonexistent "\", Y and Z being switched, and a funky shift key. I'm happy with my blank das keyboard, thank you very much.
  • michaelahess
    I actually went away from mechanical keyboards about 7 years ago. I really prefer a solid rubber dome keyboard. I currently use a Logitech MX5500 for gaming and a Logitech Wave for typing. Never had any issues with either for their purposes. I do miss the tactile feel, but honestly the 5500 is a MUCH better gaming board, plus the noise doesn't drive me crazy.

    For all of you with exotic keyboards, you must be extra special picky ;) I type 110 wpm without error and have no trouble with the wave or 5500.
  • Stardude82
    My Model M is too cool for this review.
  • fakie
    wheres the das keyboard model s ultimate?
  • mortsmi7
    I kind of wished they had compared them to some mainstream keyboards like the cheapy walmart logitech, dell keyboard, or ibm. Sure they work great, but compared to what. I'm not a fan of loud and clicky ibm, but thats as far as my interest in key-presses goes.

    I bought my G110 for the extra macro keys that I never use. In fact I use the onboard volume control more often.

  • Where is the Model M? Is it too cool for this review?
    And it's "buckling spring", not "bent spring"