Mobile Music: 2U4U DMR-300 WMA Player


Over the past few years there has been a wave of MP3 players hitting the shelves. From Intel to Creative, the range of each player's capabilities and characteristics has been broad and extensive. But now, a new player boasts the ability to record WMAs in real-time without the need of a computer. This sort of portability allows those who are less computer savvy to own and manage a portable audio player.

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Technical Data
Size50mm x 72mm x 18mm
Weight54g without batteries
Memory expand.SD/MMC support
Storage capacity128 MB internal
Battery2 x AAA size
Recording inputsInternal Mic, Line-In
FormatMP3, WMA
Signal-to-noise ratio>85 dB
Frequency response20Hz~20kHz
Headphone connector1 1/8" mini-jack stereo socket, 100 mW
LCD displayBacklit with blue color
Data connectionUSB
Audio codec supportMPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3), Windows Media Audio (WMA)