Mobile Music: 2U4U DMR-300 WMA Player

Physical Overview

One of the physical attributes of the 2U4U is its weight. The 2U4U is incredibly light. To give a reference point, the tiny Nokia 8260 phone noticeably outweighs the player - not a bad quality for those who are looking for a lightweight player. The dimensions are small, roughly 1.5" x 2.5" x .3," making it very portable. The buttons push in nicely and everything is labeled as needed. Overall, the compact look and feel is appealing and impressive. The only two shortfalls are: 1) the small unimpressive LCD screen - a slightly bigger, color screen would have been nice; and, 2) the unit runs solely on two AAA batteries, meaning it is not rechargable by just plugging into the wall.


The 2U4U comes standard with a few accessories. The included items are:

Remote Controller

Stereo Earphones

USB cable

Line-In cable (mini to mini)

Battery (AAA x 2)

Installation CD

Manual, necklace, and carrying pouch