Mobile Music: 2U4U DMR-300 WMA Player

Storage: Not Too Big, But Expandable

The 2U4U comes equipped with 128 MB of internal storage. With most tracks ranging from three to four minutes, the player on its own can hold roughly 30 to 40 songs. The storage capacity can be expanded using SD/MMC memory cards, and with the size of SD cards expected to reach 1 GB by the end of the year, this added feature is not only convenient, but crucial to the long-term value of the 2U4U.


There are a total of eight buttons on the 2U4U:

  • Play/Pause (Hold down to stop)
  • Track Forward
  • Track Back
  • Volume Up/Down (lever-like button)
  • Record
  • Menu
  • A->B loop
  • Hold

The menu function took a while to understand. After pressing the menu button once, pressing the menu button takes you through each menu option. The "Track Forward" and "Back" buttons allow you to change each menu option. Pressing "Play" finalizes your change. Other than that, the buttons and controls are rather intuitive.