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MSI H110M Pro-D Motherboard Review

Test Setup, Results & Final Analysis

Test Setup

The MSI H110M Pro-D and the H170 board against which it was measured were set up on an open test case. All components other than the motherboard were the same in all tests.

GraphicsNvidia 347.25

Benchmark Settings

Synthetic Benchmarks and Settings
PCMark 8Version: 2.5.419Work, Home, and Creative Benchmarks
SiSoftware SandraVersion: 2015.01.21.15Memory Bandwidth
Crystal DiskMark x64 Sequential Read
Unigine Heaven 4.0Version 4.0, Built-in BenchmarkBasic: DirectX 9, Low Detail, 1280x720, 2xAA, No TessellationCustom: DirectX11, High Quality, 1280.720, 0xAA, No TessellationExtreme: DirectX11, Ultra Quality, 1600x900, 8xAA, Highest Tessellation

The H110 beat the H170 across the board. The differences aren’t huge, but is this what anyone would have guessed?

It’s a tiny difference, but once again the sparse H110 comes out on top.

This one is a little more interesting. The H110 wins when testing a local SATA drive and a local USB 3.0 drive, but loses when testing a LAN drive. As it turns out, there is a hardware difference there, with MSI using a Realtek LAN adapter versus an Intel controller for ASRock’s H170.

It looks like the greater the share of work done by the CPU, the better the H110 does. As the relative amount of work done by the graphics card increases, the margin of victory drops and the H110 board is able to wring more performance out of the CPU.

Once we move past performance, ASRock trounces the H110 in power consumption. The Heaven measurement is an average of the high and low readings for the Basic test, where the CPU is busiest. I really have to wonder how an ASRock H110 will do now, as a look at my past reviews shows ASRock consistently doing well on power consumption.

Although neither board reaches alarming temperatures, MSI’s H110 definitely runs hotter, consistent with its higher power usage. The difference is pretty big, but again isn’t cause for alarm.

Final Thoughts

Having put my money where my mouth is, I’m happy to repeat myself: if your focus is performance, and you don’t care about tweaking, or M.2, or running multiple graphics cards, a cheap H110 board will indeed do just fine. Today’s sample in particular, the MSI H110M Pro-D, may be sparse on features, but it’s a performance winner.

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