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Round Up: Five Powerful, Light Ultraportables

Fujitsu P8010: Price, Battery, Performance


An appropriate price for this supposedly business-savvy computer is $1699; instead, Fujitsu charges $1969. Quite simply, it is overpriced compared to its competitors. With slightly-above average performance, and mediocre battery life, it is close to being on-par with the Toshiba R500. But even though the Fujitsu is a bit tougher than the Toshiba, it’s also quite a bit thicker and heavier. Other than a definitively prettier display and more rugged body, it has nothing on the Toshiba but an additional cost of $250. Ouch. Asus commands a similar price for the U2E, but the U2E’s a luxury notebook made of leather.

Oddly, Fujitsu has other models of the P8010 with 1 GB less memory and a smaller hard drive for $1,699. That’s more like it. Fujitsu, it’s time for a holiday sale.

Price score: 2.5

Battery Life

With its 8700 mAh (both design and actual capacity) 7.2 V battery, the Fujitsu P8010 ran for 143 minutes in our BatteryEater Pro battery life tests. That put it in third place among our five ultraportable notebooks.

Battery Life score: 3.45


The Fujitsu was somewhat limited in our performance tests by its relatively slow 1.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SL7100 CPU. However, the P8010 wasn’t held back by its hard drive, which is a 5,400 RPM SATA model, and the equal of the drives in the best performers in this ultraportable notebook roundup.

Performance score: 3.16

  • Thanks for writing this article; I have been interested in how these things perform.
  • these are all at the high-end of the price spectrum, have you considered the asus eee pc or acer aspire one? i have one of these, and while it's not exactly a gaming powerhouse it does all you need in a small laptop... mind you the linux distros these things come with can be a real pain
  • JJeng1
    A possible reason for the fingerprint reader placement. Look into the options of the fingerprint software, as sometimes the reader doubles as a scroll wheel.
  • Regulas
    Rubbish, get the the new Macbook, 13" screen plenty of power no viruses and no bloated Vista for the low end of cash stated in this review.
  • bjornlo
    Rubbish, get the the new Macbook, 13" screen plenty of power no viruses and no bloated Vista for the low end of cash stated in this review.
    Typical ignorant fanboi BS.
    Get your facts straight. Nothing wrong with a Mac other than total cost of ownership and slightly reduced software choices... although the default browser is very unsecure (but fixable, DL any other). But, there is nothing special about them except their style and slightly better ease of use for the "technologically challenged".
  • Placebo
    First of, Macs are rubbish. Buying one is alright for the creative crowd, whose fav. software is exclusive for OSX. Other than that, the company would have already closed up, if not saved by the mighty (LOL) Ipod-brand.

    Regarding the otherwise brilliant review, how come the Dell M1330 isn't mentioned, or even tested, its not even on the site?!?!

    Best selling product in the category for almost two years. Anyone buying should look into it. Had one for around a year, can honestly say its the best electronic device i ever owned.

    Its cheap, lightwight and with supurb spec! for notebooks :-)Sry... they jus do a better job.

  • cruiseoveride
    Linux > OSX >> Windows

    I wish the IBM one was cheaper.
  • boostercorp
    i guess i never understood why you'd need such a small underpowered laptop and also never knew who would buy such a thing.
    But if you're on the road alot like me it would be more handy then dragging around a 8 pound 17" laptop like i 'm currently doing.

    i only hoped they'd be a little less expensive cause i bought my 17" for € 899 and got a shedload of stuff i didn't need like that fingerprint scanner ,bluetooth ,ir , ...
  • Can we post a review of ultraportables with eSATA and Express Card ? I think the ASUS U6V (not sure) has one, the Dell E4200 and E4300 have eSATA but no Express Card. The Lenovo X200 and X300 series have some great features. I really hope manufacturers start making machines with eSATA and Express Card and not one or the other. Oh and How about the Toshiba dynabook R6 ?
  • enforcer22
    "Rubbish, get the the new Macbook, 13" screen plenty of power no viruses and no bloated Vista for the low end of cash stated in this review."

    O your right and look i cant do anything i want to do with it either.. I also cant get it to look like a computer instead of a over priced pos paperweight. Linux is as usless to me as that over priced thing keeping my desk up to.