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NVIDIA rocks the Boat with TNT2

AGP-Performance Test With S3's Quake2 Mon2-Demo

I still really like the 'mon2'-demo for Quake2 from S3. It's such a nice way of showing mediocre AGP-texturing performance. 3Dfx hates this demo, because it has always made their products look bad, due to its lack of AGP-texturing support. 'Mon2' is a demo running in a custom Q2-level using a large amount of textures.

Traditionally TNT as well as the new TNT2 look very good in this benchmark, due to their proper support of AGP-texturing. Voodoo3 scores pretty bad, but the biggest surprise is the Rage128. ATI has still not fixed the driver, the AGP-performance under OpenGL seems to be non-existent in ATI's Rage128.