Last Passing Maneuver: Tualatin 1266 With 512 kB Versus Athlon And P4


The WCPUID tool from H-Oda indicates a cache size of 512 kB for the Pentium III-S (Tualatin).


In order to tell apart the two Pentium III models, we will call the old Coppermine "Cumine", and the Tualatin (512 kB) with the same suffix. In order to compare the performance of the Tualatin 512 and the Coppermine 256 directly, we lowered the speed of the Tualatin to 1000 MHz. With the same clock speed on Coppermine and Tualatin, the difference between the 256 and 512 kB L2-cache becomes very clear.

The same thing is done with the Athlon. Here we are comparing the Tualatin 1200 with the Athlon 1200. For the sake of thoroughness, the results of the Pentium 4 1800 and the Athlon 1400 are also given.

Uwe Scheffel