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Performance-Showdown between Athlon and Pentium III

3D-Rendering Benchmark Results

Again I used 3D StudioMax and rendered the good old 'ktx-rays.max' file. We know that Athlon's floating-point unit is way ahead of Pentium III, but let's have a look how bad it leaves the Intel-competitor behind.

This time we can look at a very tough picture. Athlon is not only starting at a higher score, its gradient is a lot steeper than Pentium III's as well. If you have a close look you can see that it will take a Pentium III at 750 MHz to reach the floating-point power of the cheapest Athlon at 500 MHz. If Pentium III would ever want to reach the 3D StudioMax-scores of an Athlon 800, it would take some 1.6 GHz. I guess that hurts.