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Private Internet Access VPN Service Review

Private Internet Access Review And Reader Ratings

We asked readers to rate and provide commentary on 30 VPN services. PIA received, by far, the most reader ratings (170) from the Tom's Hardware audience. Its overall average rating was 4.39, which put it in second place. Given its popularity among our readers, and the fact that it scored less than .2 lower than TorGuard, it's probably a pretty good choice. In fact, the best choice.

Because we had so much reader feedback, however, we took careful pains to select the commentary that we deemed most helpful (see bottom of page). Readers really offered some good insights and some cautions. Verbatim reader ratings and comments appear at the bottom of this page.

Overall readers seemed to collectively think PIA was easy to use, had phenomenal speed, and a good price. Many readers commented on the breadth of client support, and the company's stance on privacy. On the down side, many readers commented on connectivity issues -- that it sometimes failed to connect, that it doesn't connect on reboot, that it randomly disconnects (and ungracefully at that). Also there were a few pleas for more countries supported, a complaint we didn't hear about the other services.