Pro Printer Titans Clash in Vegas

What Canon And HP Did While I Was Epsoning

I don't care much for Las Vegas. It's crowded, phony and designed to take your money as fast as you can dish it out. In spite of my feelings about the city, I spend a lot of time there, because that's were a number of the major trade shows happen. Earlier in the month I spent a few days at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PMA is where pro photographers gather to see the latest and greatest in cameras and printers, as well as a wide array of accessories from memory cards to digital picture frames to carrying cases to you-name-it-and-someone-has-it.

It was an eye opening experience. As a semi-pro photographer and long-time Epson professional printer user, I was absolutely shocked to see how far both HP and Canon have come in the pro printer market. We're setting up an extensive pro printer lab. When it's ready, we'll shuffle reviews of these monsters out to you at a blinding pace. For now, let me give you some info on what's up in the pro printing market.

There are a couple of issues I need to address before discussing some of the pro printers I saw at PMA. I need to define "professional printer" for you and discuss one of the major issues in digital photography today, the move away from printed images toward purely digital displays.

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